quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012


This application has 2 proposals:
1) send your location by SMS or email to someone you want.
2) send the location from someone in your address book (previously acquired) to someone you want.
3) Send a photo with the location printed to social networks

-This application can be used every time you need to send your location to somebody by SMS or email.
-When you want to meet friends
-If you are in a dangerous situation and you need to tell your location to someone that can help you.

The message sent contains your location in different formats and a link to Google maps.

It works with metric and imperial systems.

It works without internet connection (but don't have access to the google map)

With this app you can save your position into a contact in the standard addressbook, in a new address position called "geo" address.
This information is backup with your address book.
If you go to your address book you can click on this address and see your contact position on the Google Maps
You can edit that information directly in the address book (delete it, save it or edit it)
You can send your contact location by SMS or mail to someone you want.

All information you send goes directly to your receiver. 

No Ads on payed version
Free version only show first 10 contacts location.

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